Robert Bleier ’51

Robert BleierRobert Bleier ’51 writes, “I graduated UCLA in 1951 with a BA in Zoology. I continued on with the intent of getting a Masters degree in Zoology under the guidance of my mentor Dr. A. Mandel Schechtman. It became clear in short order that working alone in the Vivarium, a group of labs, near what was a bridge connecting the Quad with the Administration Building, was not my desire. The large New Zealand Rabbits, my companions there, were bright, but non communicative. I decided on a Health service profession and considered Dentistry. I applied and was accepted to the UCSF School of Dentistry (a fine recommendation from Dr. Schechtman helped). I graduated from UCSF in 1956 with a DDS. I was associated for six months, after getting my license, with Dr. H. Mintzer in North Hollywood. After six months I then opened my own office in Chatsworth and practiced there for thirty- two years. While that was going on I got married to Merium Rosenthal and had three children, Alicia, Joshua and Gena Beth. I retired in 1988. One of my patients was a Professor of Ceramics at CSUN. He asked me what I had in mind to keep active after a Dental career. I hadn’t thought about that, he invited me to come to his studio at CSUN. I was immediately hooked on working with clay. I was at CSUN ceramics and sculpture for 22 years until they thought that I should have graduated by then! By the way, I taught Dental Materials at the UCLA School of Dentistry for many years, it was a great experience!” Pictured: one of Dr. Bleier’s sculptures, “Tall Two-Headed Horse.”