Elizabeth (Hernandez) Caluag ’00

Elizabeth (Hernandez) Caluag ’00 is currently the Laboratory Manager for Biological Sciences and Chemistry programs at Coastline Community College. In this capacity, Elizabeth oversees daily laboratory operations, health and safety compliance, serves as a mentor for the department’s work-based learning program and designs/evaluates instructional materials. Elizabeth is also a lecturer for General Microbiology and has recently had a submission published in ASM’s Microbe Library (“Slide Catalase Test of Proteus vulgaris.”)

Won-Tak Choi ’99

Won-Tak Choi ’99 is currently a resident physician for the Department of Pathology at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Dr. Choi completed an MD/PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009 and completed a post-doctoral research fellowship with The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California in 2011.

Niles Lehman PhD ’90

Niles Lehman PhD ’90 took over as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Molecular Evolution effective January 1, 2013.  Dr. Lehman is the third editor in the history of the journal, which dates back to 1971, and had previously been guided by the insights of Emil Zuckerkandl and, more recently Marty Kreitman. He looks forward to focusing on deep evolutionary events, both in the further development of this journal, and in his research lab at Portland State University, where he is currently a professor of chemistry.

Martin Donohoe ’84, MD ’90

Martin DonohoePublic Health and Social Justice Book Cover

Martin Donohoe ’84, MD ’90 has recently published a reader for Jossey-Bass entitled Public Health and Social Justice.  He also maintains the website Public Health & Social Justice, where his numerous radio and TV appearances have been documented.  Dr. Donohoe currently serves as a senior physician for Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center and Adjunct Associate Professor for the Portland State University School of Community Health.

Donald A. Harn PhD ’80

Donald A. Harn PhD ’80 did his postdoctoral work at Harvard University and served for 24 years as a faculty member for the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health.  He recently moved his group to the University of Georgia where they “are employing bioinformatics to determine the activation pathways and immune mediators induced by LNFPIII, in conjunction with knockdown, loss of function studies to discover new anti-inflammatory and anti-retroviral reagents.” (http://www.vet.uga.edu/id/people/harn.html)

Lisa (Tolman) von Biela ’80

genesis_code-book coverLisa (Tolman) von Biela ’80 graduated magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School in 2009 and is currently a civil legal aid attorney in Seattle.  She has served on the editorial board of the American Bar Association’s The SciTech Lawyer since 2009.  She is very excited to report that her debut novel, a biotech technothriller entitled The Genesis Code, will be released in May 2013 in paperback, digital, and limited edition signed hardcover.  Lisa is already working on her second novel, The Janus Legacy.

Nancy E. Muleady-Mecham PhD ’77

Nancy Muleady-Mecham croppedNancy E. Muleady-Mecham PhD ’77 serves as an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Northern Arizona University and holds a Haury Fellowship in the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research at the University of Arizona.  Dr. Muleady-Mecham was a Fulbright Scholar to Siberia in 2010 and continues to work with Russia’s State Department and the Fulbright office in Washington, D.C.  She has published Park RangerPark Ranger Sequeland Out of Thin Air: A Story of Big Treesand is currently finishing a book on Giant Sequoia Ecology.

Suzanne Hendrich ’76

Suzanne Hendrich croppedSuzanne Hendrich ’76 earned her PhD in Nutrition from UC Berkeley in 1985.  She is now University Professor, Food Science & Human Nutrition, at Iowa State University where she has been on the faculty since 1987 and currently serves as faculty senate president. Her research is on gut bacteria/nutrition interactions that may prevent inflammatory bowel disease and diarrheal diseases in general, focusing on dietary fibers and caffeic acids.  Dr. Hendrich teaches mostly in the area of food toxicology, and leads a USDA higher education grant helping students and faculty develop growth mindsets and scientific thinking as they explore problems related to world hunger.  She also advises an organization that runs a food pantry for students on campus, based on student volunteer effort.

Richard R. Cicinelli ’68, MD ’72

Richard Cicinelli ’68 graduated as a Zoology major from UCLA and completed his medical studies here in 1972.  He went on to earn a specialization in psychiatry at UCSF in 1976, and is currently in private practice in Redwood City, California, where he specializes in substance abuse, concurrent disorders, and recovery.  Dr. Cicinelli fondly remembers being a student in the very first ecology class offered at UCLA.