Steven D. Feinberg ’67

Steven FeinbergSteven D. Feinberg ’67 (Zoology), 68 MPH, received his MD from UC Irvine. He is a physiatrist and pain specialist in Palo Alto, CA, and an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Stanford School of Medicine Department of Anesthesia, Pain Management Center. Dr. Feinberg is a past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, and serves on the Board of Directors of the American Chronic Pain Association. He is the Chief Medical Officer of American Pain Solutions. Dr. Feinberg has been married (happily) to Erica for 44 years and has four happy and healthy married adult children and four grandchildren (soon to be seven).

Robert Bleier ’51

Robert BleierRobert Bleier ’51 writes, “I graduated UCLA in 1951 with a BA in Zoology. I continued on with the intent of getting a Masters degree in Zoology under the guidance of my mentor Dr. A. Mandel Schechtman. It became clear in short order that working alone in the Vivarium, a group of labs, near what was a bridge connecting the Quad with the Administration Building, was not my desire. The large New Zealand Rabbits, my companions there, were bright, but non communicative. I decided on a Health service profession and considered Dentistry. I applied and was accepted to the UCSF School of Dentistry (a fine recommendation from Dr. Schechtman helped). I graduated from UCSF in 1956 with a DDS. I was associated for six months, after getting my license, with Dr. H. Mintzer in North Hollywood. After six months I then opened my own office in Chatsworth and practiced there for thirty- two years. While that was going on I got married to Merium Rosenthal and had three children, Alicia, Joshua and Gena Beth. I retired in 1988. One of my patients was a Professor of Ceramics at CSUN. He asked me what I had in mind to keep active after a Dental career. I hadn’t thought about that, he invited me to come to his studio at CSUN. I was immediately hooked on working with clay. I was at CSUN ceramics and sculpture for 22 years until they thought that I should have graduated by then! By the way, I taught Dental Materials at the UCLA School of Dentistry for many years, it was a great experience!” Pictured: one of Dr. Bleier’s sculptures, “Tall Two-Headed Horse.”

Virginia (Vicky) Perez ’02

Virginia (Vicky) Perez ’02 writes, “After I left UCLA in the summer of 2002, I came to Village School, a private elementary school in the Palisades. I worked first in the science department as an assistant teacher. Since 2006, I have been working as the head of the Spanish department teaching kindergarten through fourth grade. It has been an amazing experience to be able to express my appreciation for the arts, language, and culture of the Spanish speaking countries. Working in an area that has very little to do with my background has also provided me with the opportunity to know how deep my passion for science and nature is engraved in my soul. In essence, this is my last year teaching Spanish. I am ready to take flight again. I am not sure where, but definitely it would have to be something that involves being able to express my passion for nature and science. When I first came to UCLA, I was pregnant with my son. He is now sixteen and a junior at University High School. My biggest passion and accomplishment is my son. He is my driving force and the reason I do things the way I do.“

Joanna Camba-Colon ’93

JoannaCambaColon-smallJoanna Camba-Colon ’93 writes: “I worked as a lab helper as an undergrad. I received a stipend from CARE (Center for Academic and Research Excellence) at UCLA and worked on an independent project with Dr. O’Lague and his postdoc, Dr. Kalman. This experience got me hooked on science. My first real job right out of college was as a staff research associate (SRA) in Dr. Bryson’s lab at UCLA. Our work focused on understanding the vertical transmission of HIV from mother to baby. With the encouragement of my husband, Nicholas, and the many scientists and researchers I worked with, I went back to graduate school. In 2009, I completed my Ph.D. in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology (CMDB) at the University of California Riverside. I then worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at City of Hope. I am currently a staff research scientist at Calimmune Inc. I am happy to say that my husband and I will be celebrating 22 years of marriage this year (2010). We are also the proud parents of Alexandria, Cameron, and Katrina, who keep us on our toes as we guide them through college, middle school, and elementary school. It’s been a busy and fulfilling 17 years since graduating from UCLA, and I look forward to exciting years ahead.”

Lisa Masson MA ’81

Lisa Masson MA ’81 writes: “My daughter, Gina Provenzano, is now a freshman majoring in Molecular and Cell Development, at UCLA. Rah! Since I received my Masters from UCLA in 1981, I have attended med school (USC), had three precious daughters, practiced family medicine for twenty years, and become a electronic health record lead for Sutter Health in Northern California. ”

Gideon Letz ’68

Gideon Letz ’68 (Zoology), M.D., writes: “I graduated in 1968 and am now living in Northern California (Stinson Beach). Three kids (boy-girl twins age 25 and older daughter age 30) are all doing well in film, organic farming and photography. Interesting that they all have avoided science despite both parents in medicine. I am thinking of retiring soon from my current job as medical director of the State Compensation Insurance Fund and
focusing on consulting work that I can do mostly from my home in Stinson Beach. I have many fond memories of my science classes at UCLA, e.g., Dr. Carlson’s genetics class, Dr. Kram’s organic chemistry (I met him many years later while surfing at San Onofre – he was in his mid-eighties at the time and still surfing!). There was also a professor whose name I can’t remember who taught a course on nerve-muscle physiology who inspired me to do graduate work before I entered med school. Although I lived in Berkeley for many years, I still am a Bruin fan!”